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Kunlun Mountains

Kunlun Mountains extend from Pamirs in the west to the northwest of Szechuan province, passing through Qinghai province and traversing between Xinjiang and Tibet. Over 2,500 km long, they crouch like a huge dragon in the west of China, and hence the name "Spine of Asia".

Kunlun Mountains comprise East Kunlun Mountains, Middle Kunlun Mountains and West Kunlun Mountains. The southern, middle and northern branch ranges of East Kunlun Mountains spread like the claw of a bird. Bayakala Mountain, belonging to the southern branch, is the watershed of Yangtze River and Yellow River.

Most of the peaks in the Kunlun range are over 5,000 m high, and some of them exceed 7,000 m. Every summer, the snow on the top of the mountains begins to melt, forming streams that moisen the dry land in the Northwest China and supplement the sources of Yangtze River and Yellow River.

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Kunlun Mountains are characterized by freezing weather. There are rolling ice-capped peaks and the largest number of glaciers in China. Muztag Ata Mountain is reputed to be "the father of glaciers". Numerous glaciers are entrenched in valleys like jade dragons. Seracs, icy waterfalls and ice cracks can be found everywhere. A lot of glaciers and the accumulated snow become the sources of many rivers.
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