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Mount Songshan - Henan

Mount Songshan, situated in central Henan province, stands in the middle position among the five sacred mountains. It is mainly comprised of Taishi Mountain and Shaoshi Mountain.

Mount Songshan has 72 peculiar and elegant peaks. The highest peak is Junji Hill (1440 m), the main peak of Taishi Mountain. There are 18 ancient architectural complexes, among which Zhongyue Temple, Shaolin Temple, Songyang Academy, Forest of Pagodas and Guanxing Terrace are the most famous ones. At the foot of Mount Songshan, there are 72 temples of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism with a huge collection of cultural relics, earning the area a reputation as the "land of cultural relics".

Zhongyue Temple
Zhongyue Temple was built in Qin Dynasty. With an area of more than 100,000 square m, it is the place where the ancient emperors offered sacrifices to the God of mountains. Temple consists of 400 halls, verandas, towers and pavilions. It is the largest and most complete ancient architectural complex in the famous "five sacred mountains".

Shaolin Temple
Shaolin Temple on Shaolin Mountain was called the most famous temple in Tang Dynasty. It is also birthpalce of Zen Buddhism. Shaolin Kung Fu is held in the highest regard among the martial arts circles all over the world.

Thousand Buddha Hall is the largest hall in Shaolin Temple. The three sides bear large colorful wall murals with an area of over 300 square m. The murals were painted by Wu Daozi, a famous Tang Dynasty painter.

Forest of Pagodas contains more than 220 monuments to noted monks from years gone by. It is the biggest extant forest of pagodas in China. The pagodas here vary in size and shape. Some are cylindrical, some cones, while others are like jars. Some of the pagodas are 7 to 8 m tall, while some are just around 1 m.

Songyang Academy
Songyang Academy was a big academy established by government. With its long history, it is one of the four most famous ancient academies in Chinese history.

Do you know?

The five sacred mountains refer to the five most famous mountains in China. They are Eastern Mount Taishan, Western Mount Huashan, Central Mount Songshan, Southern Mount Hengshan and Northern Mount Hengshan.

Reference data

Mount Songshan was called Mount Taibao before the Spring and Autumn Period. Its name changed to Mount Songshan or Waifang in the Warring States Period. It was designated as one of the five sacred mountains in Western Han Dynasty, and was called Central Mountain hereafter.

In Zhongyue Temple stand four tall iron statues cast in Song Dynasty. Each is 4 m tall and weight 1.5 tons. With their eyes wide open, they look solemn and dignified.