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Mount Wuyi - Fujian

Mount Wuyi, situated in the northwest of Fujian province. is the highest mount in Fujian. It has green water and red peaks that are fantastic, precipitous, elegant and beautiful. Since ancient times, it has enjoyed the reputation of being the "most marvelous and elegant mountain in the southeast". UNESCO listed it as a world natural as well as cultural heritage. It is eulogized as a "biological showcase of the world".

Mount Wuyi contains 36 peculiar and attractive peaks that adopt different postures. The main onesare Three-Admiration Peak, Great King Peak, Jade Lady Peak, Heavenly Tour Peak and so on. The scenic attractions include Nine-Curve Stream, Heavenly Tour Peak, Land of Peach Blossom Cave, Heaven's Heart Rock, Wuyi Palace, Water Curtain Cave, Tiger Growl Cave and Lotus Peak, etc.

Nine-Curve Stream
The essence of Mount Wuyi is the Nine-Curve Stream, famous for its nine curves. The stream is jade green and crystal clear, winding its way among the mountains. A bamboo raft will take you on a 7.5 km cruise down the meandering Nine-Curve Stream with all the gorgeous scenery on both banks. This would be the most exciting moment in your tour to Mount Wuyi.

Jade Lady Peak
Jade Lady Peak, the most charming and elegant peak of Mount Wuyi, looks like a fairly descending from heaven to the earth. It is located by Nine-Curve Stream.

Great King Peak
The grand and solemn Great King Peak has the demeanor of a king, hence its name. The peak's top is wider than its middle part, resembling a gauze hat, so it is also called the "Gauze Hat Rock". Four sides of the peak are all precipitous cliffs. There is only one way through a crevice to the summit.

Heavenly Tour Peak
Heavenly Tour Peak is the best place to view the sea of cloud. From the top, you can also have a panoramic view of Nine-Curve Stream.

Do you know?

Mount Wuyi is a famous mountain with more than a thousand years of history and culture. It is also one of the original places of Taoism.
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